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Ominder helps you organize your Meetings, Birthdays, Holidays, Parties, To-do Lists and more. Stay informed with Calendars, Countdown Timers, Weather Forecasts, SMS and Email notifications.

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Ominder is built to organize your life and help you keep track of the things that matter. Organize all your life's Events in one convenient place and be notified every time an Event is approaching its date. View your To-do Lists in a clean and simple manner from any device. Stay informed with Weather Forecasts, Countdown Timers, Calendars, SMS and Email notifications.

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Austin, Texas

Press Release

ET Labs, a software development company whose goal is to create technology for everyday living, has released the event reminder app, Ominder. Used to organize all of life’s events, Ominder was created to make keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, and to-do lists much simpler, faster and convenient and the application is accessible from any device.

Based in Austin, Texas, Ominder’s main purpose is to provide updates and notifications before an event occurs, so users never again have to worry about forgetting an event or task.

Though numerous calendar and event reminder apps are available today, Ominder is unique in that it allows many different features to be used quickly and efficiently, such as Countdown and Age-Timers for better management, notifications via Email or SMS, Weather Forecasts, Calendars, a Note Pad, To-Do Lists, as well as a Customizable Appearance to best suit the user’s style. Ominder also accepts imports from Google, Microsoft, Apple and more, and can export to all the other providers as well.

Visit for more details and to use the Ominder Event Reminder Application.