About Us

Experience the Ominder difference. We’re taking Calendar and Event Reminding to the next level.

What is Ominder?

Ominder is so much more than just another calendar app.

Organize your Birthdays, Wedding Days, Parties, To-do lists and more. Stay informed with Countdown Timers, Weather Forecasts, SMS and Email notifications.

Our Philosophy

Organize. Simplify. Live.

We believe organization is the key to a simpler, better life.

Ominder Then & Now

In 2006 Ominder was first brought to life out of a personal need to remember birthdays. The original desktop application proved to be successful and was later turned into a web app, allowing people to login from anywhere and keep track of all their events.

Over the years, as the software has grown, many other features have been added such as Timers, Weather, SMS (to over 200 countries), To-Do Notes, Worldwide Time Zones and so much more.

Today, Ominder has the same functionality as Google Calendar and more features than other major calendar providers. It accepts imports from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other calendar/schedule providers, and can export to all providers as well. Ominder’s extremely powerful notification system algorithms enable state-of-the-art organizational features coupled with cutting-edge technology, yet offers a simple, convenient and user-friendly design.

Our Lead Team

Located in Austin, TX, the Ominder team is on a mission to help people all over the world organize their lives in an effective and efficient manner.

Ominder has a dedicated, talented staff whose main goal is to provide a quality event management experience and help people throughout the world simplify their lives.

Let’s meet our lead team, shall we?

Chief Software Architect
Shpetim holds a degree in Computer Science and loves programming. When Shpetim is not busy with the technical side of things, he spends his time rebuilding cars and riding bicycles.
Chief Design Officer
Elizabeth holds a Doctoral degree in Neurology. In her spare time, Elizabeth loves staying in shape by working out and dancing like no one’s watching.
Chief Marketing Officer
Joan holds a degree in Sports Medicine. Joan loves keeping fit by working out, adores dogs, and enjoys eating the best and tastiest foods life has to offer.
Chief Technology Officer
Ervin holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and when he’s not researching and developing, Ervin loves playing tennis or ping pong, and tinkering with radios.
Here at Ominder, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our users and would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Whether you have a question about a function or a recommendation for a new feature, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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