How Ominder Stays Consistent Across All Devices

Ever wonder how Ominder stays consistent across all devices you use? When we built Ominder, the biggest challenge we faced was on how to make Ominder look consistent on any device that has an Internet connection.

Date and Time

Since most devices, phones, tablets and desktops display fields like dates differently our first big issue was that. Using the standards that are specified in HTML 5 input type of date and time did not work since different browsers render those fields differently. Our solution to this problem was solved when we discovered Mobiscroll. We were able to create beautiful date and time pickers that looked and worked great across all devices. The controls from Mobiscroll also allow users to always enter correct data with no chance of incorrect inputs.

Screen Sizes

Our other main goal was that users should get the same look and feel if they are on a small device or a desktop with a large monitor. To accomplish this task we had to take great care and plan ahead on how we structured the data so it would fit on any screen size. Our friend in this endeavour was CSS @media screen. It allows you to have full control on what happens to you elements based on different screen sizes. It is important to note that CSS can solve many problems that arise from mobile to desktop screens, but to make it succeed you have to plan in advance on the layout of your data.

Apps and Browsers

Regardless if you use Ominder on an App or a Desktop computer you will see the same data and have the same account. This was an important issue since we want our users to access the app from anywhere with the same user name and password. We accomplished this by creating one source where the data is created and shown to the user. Our App pulls from the same data as does our user who access Ominder from a tablet or desktop. By creating one look across all devices users can focus on their data and never have to worry about learning how to use Ominder because they are on a different device.


We have taken great precaution and care so that our users always feel at home on Ominder wherever they decide to access their Calendar or To-do list from.